If you have found this page it means you are interested in health – learning more how health is impacted by what we eat. You hopefully want to learn about how to be healthier, what foods are good for improving health and which ones are not so good.

But you are not just looking for information right?! You need practical help so you can implement the changes that will change your health for the better..

I understand the need to improve health – I have had my own experiences of being unwell – having lingering health issues that dont seem to change and being told that there was nothing I could do to improve it, I would have to live with it.

After tolerating poor health for too long I started to experiment and make some changes – what I found was that my health was not something that was fixed or something that I was stuck with – I could influence my health and how I felt by making some changes to what I was eating and drinking on  a daily basis.

Having explored health for a number of years I was moved to learn more and help others improve their own health.

I have trained in nutrition by completing a 3 year diploma in nutritional therapy at the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM). There I learned a great deal of things about how the body works in health and disease – and how what we eat can have a huge influence on our health.

I have also completed a certificate in health coaching to further help individuals make the changes necessary to achieve their health goals.

By sharing what I have learned (and am continuing to learn) through this website and personal Nutritional Therapy sessions with clients, I hope to help others learn what is good for them, and how they can begin to make the changes that will create lasting health for them and their families.

I hope you get some benefit from the articles and practical health tips I am sharing on this website.

If you are seeking professional help in making lasting changes to your health please use what is on offer here – and consider a personal nutrition session – all the details of the services I offer can be found here.