Are you drinking enough water?

Archive post – Posted on November 6, 2013

I know we hear this question a lot, and I know its one that’s easily ignored…

Our water needs vary a lot depending on lots of things like our activity levels, the environment we are in (heat, humidity etc.) and even our level of toxicity.

The government guidelines are usually about 2 litres or 8 glasses of water a day. This is a generic number so let’s elaborate a little:

If I’m playing 5 aside football in 35 Degree + temperatures for a couple of hours is this enough? If I’m eating lots of fruit and salads do I need 8 glasses of water?

Basically you are the expert here. In hot weather we need more water, when we are very active we need more water.. So listen to your body – your “wee” should be close to clear when your hydrated. If its yellow or orangey it means you need more water (although you will notice that taking high dose Vitamin C tablets will also make your wee turn yellow).

Also something not often considered – fruit and Veg are very high in water content – if you eat 1KG of fruit this equates to almost 1 litre of water consumed! So if you’re eating lots of salads and fruit you may need less water.

What about other liquids? Well tea and coffee generally don’t count towards water requirements. Stick with water to hydrate you.

I bring 2 one litre glass bottles to work with me every day. This way I know I have consumed 2 litres of clean (filtered water) during the day. If I have been active I will often need more water in the evenings when I come home.

Another trick is to drink up to a pint of water when you get up first thing in the morning. We are often dehydrated after a nights sleep (especially if you don’t breath through your nose. The water in the morning rehydrates and sets us up for the day.

What measures do you take to stay hydrated and healthy during the working day? Please leave your comments below!

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