Instant Results Guaranteed?

Archive port – Posted on March 27, 2015

Why I believe the get fit / rich / thin / etc. quick brigade is possibly not the best choice for you…

Getting results generally takes time and commitment. Results in general do not occur overnight (esp. not seemingly elusive things like fitness, health, wealth etc.). Yet everywhere we look (on the Internet, TV, magazine, people talking) we hear people peddling the same old, irresistibly formulas, products and services for getting “instant” results.

Images like these entice us to believe we just need the right program – if we believe the hype and buy into it will we really get what we want?

This all seems to come from the age old pattern of standing on our fellow mans heads to get a better position for ourselves. A study of wealthy (or fit, strong, healthy) people will quickly show that the path to success has been long term, consistent, incremental steps in the direction of the desired goal.

For example – Arnold Schwarzenegger – A man who became Mr. Universe and basically launched an entire industry of body building. If we look at the facts – he did not achieve this overnight. Working out became his life work. Same with someone like Warren Buffet – someone who studies and dedicates his life to becoming tremendously wealthy – not quickly.

But when we see these unbelievable, irresistible, get them while they last offers that guarantee to transform our lives and make us live happily ever after we throw out all reason and spend our hard earned money in the hope that this is “the magic bullet that will finally make me rich, thin, attractive, whatever…”

And the biggest problem is we believe the marketing SO much that when we try to get the 7 second abs and fail miserably we decide “It must be me” or “Its just impossible” and we give up all hope and decide to settle for where we are. At least that’s not exhausting and humiliating! We make the illusion even stronger. All the while being blind to the fact that IF ONLY, IF ONLY we took a small bit of action every day, a tiny little step EVERY DAY in the right direction we will eventually make it to our destination – to our desired goal.

We have to see these programs and offers for what they are for the most part – just a program. It’s up to us to do the work in order to get the results. Being convinced that merely buying the program will produce the results just wastes our money and disappoints.

Don’t get me wrong – there is nothing wrong with selling, nothing wrong with wanting to make a living. But a lot of these marketers of Instant Results type merchandise are not just trying to make a living – they are trying to make a fortune by exploiting the human flaw – the flaw where we believe we don’t have to do the work if we just find the right program! And they have their own delusion that “The only way to do it is to be ruthless – to make all the OTT promises and don’t worry about the results – just get the cash. And it the client fails to get the results then make sure they know it’s their own fault for not trying hard enough!” We have to remember – our destiny is in our hands and our hands alone. There is no one lining up outside to offer to change your life and make you wealthy…

The power is in our hands. We need a new paradigm, one that says that what I desire I can achieve. I can do it but I need to be willing to live the life that produces the results. Otherwise it’s a delusion.

The winners – the Olympic gold winners, the Warren Buffets, the successful ones – they are the ones who commit, are patient and solidly believe they are on the path to success and who keep going despite any setbacks, the ones who have a picture in their head that is clear and strong. These are the ones who achieve. They are not like the speculators on the stock market – the ones who watch charts every day and jump out as soon as their stock drops – these people will always be chasing an illusion because they are still in the old paradigm – the one that says you have to be quick and be lucky. They don’t realise that true success comes from confidently committing to a path and seeing it through day by day to its completion. This is the only way AND the fastest way to success in any area. And it can be easy – little by little – setting small goals. If you want to be fit maybe start by walking (and enjoying it!) rather that forcing yourself to run and not enjoy it (or worse end up injured).

So don’t worry about speed. If you’re trying to lose weight, eat better, get fit or wealthy – take your time, trust yourself and the process. Don’t compare yourself to others. Your journey is your own just like everyone elses is theirs. Just like eating to suit your own body, set goals that suit you (not someone else).

Create an inspiring vision and reason for achieving it, make a basic plan and do something every day to complete this plan!

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Certified, Fully Insured Nutritional Therapist & Health Coach.