New Year, Old Resolutions!

Archive Post – Posted on January 8, 2014

So it’s the start of a new year and hopefully the end of the over indulgence too! One thing we all see a lot of is people taking drastic action to lose weight or feel better in the New Year – joining gyms, boot camps, Fitness classes etc…

While all of that is really good, sometimes people go in a bit gung ho and too extremely, and usually the end result is them quitting a few weeks down the line due to exhaustion or disappointment.

So my advice to people for the New Year is to ask yourself – what intention do I want to set for the next couple of months – how do I want to feel on a day to day basis?

This is a great time to do this exercise as you most likely have had some contrasting feeling from the holidays – hangover, sickness from over indulging on the Christmas trifle! These experiences allow us to see and feel what we don’t want and then create an opposite desire.

For example – I consumed way too much trifle on Christmas day followed by an abundance of red wine. The following morning I felt congested and sluggish and thought to myself “I don’t want to feel this way, I want to feel energised, well rested and vitalised.” So I start from there and ask what do I need to do to feel this way? Then do those things that make you feel better. For me it was drinking more water, going for some nice long walks in the mountains, and eating some salads and vegetable based dishes to counteract all the turkey, gravy and stuffing richness!

Sometimes the most profound changes are the most subtle ones. Instead of signing up for a boot camp that may be a bridge too far for some of us, why not decide instead to join a walking club or start off with a nice easy stroll around the park once a day. The main thing is we do something that is easy to do and will not overwhelm us in the beginning.

So in summary – ask yourself what you want, identify what you can do (remember: make sure it is sustainable – easy to get started and appropriate for where you are right now), and then do it! If it is something that is going to take a few weeks or months (like changing some eating habits, a new exercise / movement routine) then schedule in daily / weekly sessions for when you will do it. When you do this and really commit to your chosen action you will already start to feel better as you will be investing in the most important thing in your life – YOU!

If you feel you may need support in making these changes then contact me for a free health consultation where you can discuss your goals for the year and get support when things get difficult. A good coaching relationship in your life can really help make lasting improvements to your lifestyle and health.

Happy New Year!

Garech Brennan.

Written by

Certified, Fully Insured Nutritional Therapist & Health Coach.