Primary Food – Secondary Food..

Archive Post – Posted on July 4, 2014

When I studied Health Coaching one of the first concepts we learned was the idea of Primary Food.

Basically what we put into our bodies (food) can be considered Secondary Food – it feeds our body. Primary food consists of all the other activities we need to do to give us joy – exercise, relationships, fun, adventure – whatever lights your fire!

The idea is that although nutrition can help you become healthy on a physical level, we still need other activities and pursuits to engage with and enjoy life. Eating alone is not enough.

Your body loves to move – that’s how it evolved over thousands of years. So if we neglect to move we suffer, no matter how good our food is!

We need social interaction (and I don’t mean facebook!) – we are the most social creatures on the planet and we thrive in co-operative relationships with others – in fact the world as we know it would not exist without this interaction.

We need fresh air and time in nature – contrary to how many of us live our daily lives we came out of nature and will literally return to her when it’s all over. So when we get into the country and breathe the fresh air we feel connected to something bigger than our immediate lives.

We need our basics too like food, water, shelter and warmth – so we need to pay the bills and attend to our work life to ensure those needs are taken care of.

Most important of all is a desire and need to feel spiritually connected and alive – we need to feel that we are not alone in this struggle called life – nature can definitely be a part of this but I personally feel we need some form of meditation, of slowing down and feeling the life inside us. Meditation and time alone can help us feel more centered, less scatty. I find the longer I go without it the more I feel distracted and unable to focus. When I do meditate I feel more like everything is ok, nothing is that urgent or that important.

My take on it is life is a balancing act – the idea is not to keep perfect balance but to be fluid and allow ourselves to wobble a bit from time to time! And an understanding that we cannot really get it right or accomplish it all, no matter how hard we try, can be a great relief and allow us to drop all the striving and enjoy the journey!

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Certified, Fully Insured Nutritional Therapist & Health Coach.