Movement is Life!

When I talk about Primary food I talk about all the things that feed your soul, making your experience of life richer, more joyful and healthier.

One of the most important things (if not THE most important) in life is movement. Everything that lives moves. If you observe the natural world you will see how apparent this is.

I often notice how children move so much, and adults not so much! Why is that? I think the answer lies in our minds. A child mind is innocent, unburdened. As we grow into adults we become more preoccupied, burdened with the struggles of life. Our minds become rigid in their thinking – and our bodies reflect this – we become more stiff, more rigid and set in our movements. In fact you could map a correlation between age and frequency and intensity of movement. As we age we slow down and stiffen!

Many people have made it their lives work to investigate this relationship, to understand the human condition and overcome this crippling problem. F. M. Alexander, Moshe Feldenkrais, Alexander Lowen and Thomas Hanna to name just a few studied the human being to come to an understanding of why we age, why our experience of life becomes more restricted and limited as we get older.

This is a fascinating field of study with many insights to be discovered. But I want to talk about what can be done practically to improve our own experience, to become more mobile in mind and body, and ultimately enjoy our lives more.

This is something I will be discussing regularly on this blog. Movement allows our cells to become more efficient – enriching the oxygen and energy supply to our cells, pumping lymph around our body to aid in waste removal and bringing vitality to the whole organism.

Movement is also critical to learning – its one of the most important activities involved in brain development and forming new brain pathways in our formative years.

What are your experiences in relation to movement – how much did you move in the past (sports, dance, play etc.) and how much / what kind of movement do you engage in now? How do you feel when you move? How about when you don’t move? What does your body feel like if you haven’t left the house or have been sitting for hours on end?

Movement is Life – so I encourage you to explore new ways to move your body and feel what its like to move and be alive!

Written by

Certified, Fully Insured Nutritional Therapist & Health Coach.