Fractional Thinking

Are you getting enough vitamin D? What about Iron? CoQ10?

As a modern technology based society we are getting more and more obsessed with the details of this world: Minerals, Vitamins, Molecules, Electrons, Bosons, Leptons and Quarks!

We are able to drill down so deeply we can see these other worlds on the microscopic level, and it’s mind boggling!

I am not anti science – it definitely has done wonders and it has its place, but I am against what I call Fractional thinking (or better put I am wholeheartedly FOR holistic thinking). And I don’t mean holistic simply in reference to health, I mean thinking with the big picture in mind.

Fractional thinking means taking a pill with calcium in it so I don’t get calcium deficiency. But then the docs discover you need Vitamin D to absorb Calcium properly. So they make a pill with Vitamin D in it which also solves that issue of needing enough Vitamin D. The only problem is we get vitamin D naturally by getting out and getting some sun and moving around a bit. Turns out getting outside and moving around gives us much more benefit than just vitamin D (oh things like Oxygen (fresh air), Exercise, Natural sounds and smells which calm our nervous system).

Fractional thinking is the constant breaking down or dividing the world into its constituent parts in an attempt to understand the world. The problem is there is so much interaction, and interdependence of everything in the natural world (come on – it has only been evolving for 4 billion years or so!) that when we try to break things down and isolate things (like finding a wonder drug for this disease or that one), we only see a tiny part of the whole!

I know there have been great strides made in science but I beg you to look at the reality of our progress – in particular medicine and heath. This is a field that has been plagued by fractional thinking for over 2 centuries and the results (in my eyes) have been largely disastrous!

The industry is dominated by high tech procedures (surgery); expensive and often highly questionable chemical treatments (drugs); and super high tech equipment like MRI & X Ray machines (scanners) whose side effects are hardy questioned at all.

The results? We have a population that is burdened by all kinds of illnesses and ailments and all they are offered is treatment – often for life -as the medical establishment considers many of the common diseases incurable.

In fact many in this industry are wholesale fractional thinkers. To actually think holistically for these people would mean questioning everything about their careers and the industry they work in.

When we consider our place in the universe and look at the world we live in in a more holistic way we see everything is connected, everything relates in some way or another to everything else – this is actually the origin of Morality (notice a pattern?!)

We see that our bodies have evolved for thousands of years in the natural environment. That the food we need is all around us. That creating artificial chemicals and eating them as food creates far too many problems for our bodies – our bodies did not evolve to work like this. The same applies to many supplements we take – protein shakes, multivitamins etc. Never before in the history of man did we eat these things. So it’s natural to assume we may have difficulties with it.

I encourage you to think more holistically about things. Think more holistically about the food you are eating – where did it come from, if it’s meat what was the animal fed, how did it live? (and how did it die?). What about politics – when we look at corrupt politicians what do we see – someone who thinks fractionally – they see themselves as separate, apart from the rest of society, and so they look out for themselves over the interests of their constituents. If they realised they were part of the whole they would think holistically and not be corrupted.

When it comes to food and healing which is my area of interest (because of how it relates to the whole picture!) I recognise that our bodies are of this earth. They are a product of millions of years of coexistence and mutual development with the earth. So to me it’s natural to assume nature holds the answer to what ails us. Both in terms or what we consume (our food) and what we observe (or what we take in through the senses.). The food of natures bounty holds the key to our healing and wholeness, and the food for our senses (the sights, sounds, smells of nature) gives us solace and reminds us we are simply a part of a much greater, more beautiful picture!

Written by

Certified, Fully Insured Nutritional Therapist & Health Coach.