Choose your poison…wisely!

We all need something don’t we – maybe its chocolate, or a glass of wine, or a big tub of ice cream! We know these foods may not always be the healthiest for us but who cares! We just love them, we find there are times in our lives ( or even during our day!) that we really need something like a bar of chocolate to keep us sane.

Understand that what we eat is more often than not driven by how we feel and how we want to feel. So if I’ve had a stressful day I feel tight and tense, and I want to feel relaxed. So I have a nice glass of wine. Even if you are trying to be the healthiest person alive you are going to have times when you just have to have something “bad”.

The point of this post is to tell you that its ok to want, and eat these foods. What is important is how you do it. Choose your poison… wisely.

Let me elaborate.

Lets say you just love a glass (or bottle) of wine on Friday night to relax you. Instead of stocking up on the cheapest wine you can find, go out and buy a really, really nice bottle – don’t be afraid to spend more than usual and get some advice so you know its going to good.

This approach does a number of things – you will anticipate the experience – and so when you go to open that bottle of wine it will be an occasion – something to savor. You will take more care pouring that first glass, and be more aware, more conscious during the whole process. This will make you more aware of how you feel and you may be less likely to unconsciously down the whole bottle in one sitting!

Allow your guilty pleasures – without the guilt! Just try to allow yourself be more aware of how you are feeling before, during and after. You will gradually have more choice and be more aware of what is ultimately driving your food choices.

Written by

Certified, Fully Insured Nutritional Therapist & Health Coach.