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Choose your poison…wisely!

We all need something don’t we – maybe its chocolate, or a glass of wine, or a big tub of ice cream! We know these foods may not always be the healthiest for us but who cares! We just love them, we find there are times in our lives (...
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Eat Fats for Health!

Yes that sounds a bit strange right? Except its perfectly true – you need good fats in your diet to keep your cells healthy and all the different systems in your body working optimally. This is a message you would not have heard much in the past few decades but...
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Fractional Thinking

Are you getting enough vitamin D? What about Iron? CoQ10? As a modern technology based society we are getting more and more obsessed with the details of this world: Minerals, Vitamins, Molecules, Electrons, Bosons, Leptons and Quarks! We are able to drill down so deeply we can see these other...
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